Friday, October 19, 2012

Freebie Friday! (part one)

I have decided that my blog needs a "theme" day.  I shall start with Freebie Friday.  Each Friday (or almost each Friday, hopefully...) I shall share a project I did that cost me zero dollars or if I scored some freebies with my coupons, I will share the deal with you! 
Today, I am avoiding what I need to be doing (cleaning my bathrooms) and instead decided to tackle a small project that I have been wanting to do for a while now which was figure out a better way to organize my earrings and jewelry.  I don't wear or own too much jewelry, but what I did have was sitting in a tupperware container on my dresser.
Ugg, embarrassing!!  I can't believe I'm even sharing this!  Well, obviously THIS system doesn't work.  I've seen several different ideas on DIY jewelry organizers on Pinterest but haven't really had the time to do any.  Also, I have a few projects I'm getting ready to work on about the kids, so I really just wanted to find a simple way to fix this hot mess. 
I have several of these metal, white build-a-cubby shelf things in my house.  I have one in my hall closet and have used it to transform it into a linen closet, since this house didn't have one (DUR!) and another one in Jacob's closet to organize blankets on the top shelf and toys on the bottom.  Well, I had one square left.  I came across this while aimlessly strolling the house, not cleaning the bathrooms, and AWWWWWW....the craft gods spoke to me, calling my name!!  I could make this into a very easy jewelry organizer!!! 

So with this square and a piece of thick yellow yarn, I thee wed you to be a better way to see my earrings....
Voila!  Free, easy and neat.  I may make something different some day, but this will be good for now.  It cleaned up all those boxes on my dresser and made that look neater.  I just connected my necklaces on the square, but will probably buy some of those "s" hooks to hang on there so I don't have to unhook one if I want to wear it.
One thing this Freebie Friday project has taught me is that I need some more earring!  Time to go shopping, but I really should get to those bathrooms first...

Stay tuned for Freebie Friday part two a bit later today...


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