Monday, August 20, 2012

I made a new craft!

So the other day I was feeling crafty, which happens often to me, but didn't want to go out any buy anything, so I decided to see what I had on hand. My good friend Stacey kindly saved a bunch of baby food jars for me so I started scrubbing those sticky labels off but I wasn't sure exactly what I wanted to do with them so I checked my crafting bible for ideas...pinterest, of course.  Then I saw this state outline printable and decided to wait on the jars and work on that!
I love all these free printables you can find online!  It's great!  It's not great that I have a crappy printer, but oh well.  I started off by painting an old frame a pretty blue and putting a sealer on it.
I didn't sand the frame first because I wasn't concerned if it looked a bit "rustic". I sort of wanted a beachy feeling to it and this is the accent color on my kitchen so it went with my desired feeling very well.  I miss the beach and my home state so I try to incorporate these into my house as much as I can. 
Here's the link to all the state printables, she has all the states that you can right click and save to your computer.  In addition, you can print a page of different colored and sized hearts and place one over your hometown :)  Very cute!  I choose my heart, cut and glued it into place, cleaned the glass and put my now-dry frame all together!

Adorable, right???  Remember, that I have a crappy printer so yours may come out better if you have a nicer printer than I do.  I also cannot make any guarantees that if you print Arizona your printer won't reject this and blow up in a firely ball of rage...fair warning.  I have a good looking state, eh?  She's super buff! to hang it.  I decided to hang it by my command central so I could see it often :)
How'd those kids sneak in my picture??  Cuties!  See that awesome yarn wreath?  I made that too, but I'll save that tutorial for another day because I've been itching to make some new ones for my front door. 
To the right of the tack board is a white board with my weekly schedule and while i was feeling crafty, I make a cute dry erase marker holder as well using an old tube that held one of my wall decals, scrapbook paper and glue.

Yay!  Super cute!  Let me know if any of you make your state, I'd love to see them!! Happy crafting! :)


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