Sunday, August 12, 2012

God works in mysterious ways

Yes, I (usually) attend church with the kids on Sundays.  I don't consider myself to be OVERLY-religious, but I do have faith.  Yesterday, though, my faith was proven and I swear we met a version of Jesus; and he was driving a small, red, dusty car.
Yesterday our Supper Club took to the road and drove up to the Salt River in Mesa.  David and I are so lucky to have two other couple friends we try to hang out with on a regular basis.  The husbands, Joel and Curtis, work with David and the wives, Wendy and Marissa, are so much fun and truly great friends. The Salt River, for my MA friends is basically one long party on a river raft.  We went in college and had a blast, from what can I remember ;) We had the expectations of having fun and hoping not to get sunburned.  What happened, though, was much more than that!
Besides two near death experiences of the water trying to take us away, we had the usual River fun; lots of laughs, some drinks and a yummy bag of chips.  We made friends with some "unique" people, to put it politely and were having a blast.  Then David decides to cliff jump.  Not from a high place, but one of the lower rocks.  Against my request not to, he did anyways.  No one actually saw him jump because the current took us around a bend.  We pulled to the side and waited for him to swim back.  Then as he did, I first looked to see if he was ok, which he was except for a swollen knee, and large scrap on his chest. Then  he uttered words we dare not hear: "I lost the car key".  We all drove up together in our car, and he had the one key around a lanyard with a whistle.  Now it was at the bottom of the Salt River.  The spare was in Tucson, 3 1/2 hrs away. We were screwed.  The rest of the river trip was not as much fun, we were mostly done anyway.  As we end the trip,we turn in our tubes and make the way to the car.  David's cell phone, the only one we had, was almost dead.  Thankfully Curtis and Marissa had AAA so they opened the car for us for free so now we had access to the other phones.  To make a longer story short: after many failed options, we realize the only way to get in the car is to have Wendy's sister get our extra keys (from Oro Valley to Vail) and then drive up to Mesa. So we wait.  Its going to be a LONG wait. We're out of food, limited water and nothing around us, we try to make the best of it.  It's a good thing we were with great friends!!!  Then the haboob starts.  Again, translation for my MA friends, a haboob is a crazy, large dust storm.  Walls of dust.  Google it. Hours go by, we're basically alone in the parking lot, it's crazy windy and dusty like a mo-fo.  And then it happens.  I see a small, red car with a weird looking guy drive up right next to us.  "Did you guys lose you keys?" It was fairly obvious that we had, and as my friend Wendy said, our car looked like a third-world country: wet sheets trying to create a swamp cooler effect (because it was 109 degrees out), muddy shoes strewn about, empty coolers...not a pretty sight. "Yes"I say.  Now everyone is out of the car, wondering what this guy wants.  "We're they on a lanyard with a whistle?"  "YES!" we all say. The he pulls out the keys.  Jaws drop, we jump up and down whooping and hollering like a bunch of kids on Christmas morning, or college kids who were out of beer and suddenly find a hidden 12 pk.  It was AMAZING.  "How did you find them??" We all ask, because mind you, they were at the bottom of about 30 feet of water.  He says to call him Aquaman, and that he find missing things.  Inspired by the moment, I say thank you and god bless!  I don't think I have ever said that in a normal conversation before.  He then says that God blesses him everyday and he drives off.  We were free, also in complete and total shock.  We could drive home.  But first, cheeseburgers were in order.  Was is Jesus in a red car?  Probably not, but it's nice to think we were all blessed yesterday.  I guess God does work in mysterious ways. Thank you Aquaman.

Us ladies braving the haboob!


Courtney said...

God is good all the time!!! Id say that was a miracle :)

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