Sunday, August 26, 2012

DIY fall yarn wreath

I love wreaths.  Like seriously love them.  This year, I learned how to make yarn wreaths and they are SO pretty!  I've made three total for the inside but have been wanting to make some themed ones for the front door.  I decided to start with a fall one, since it'll be that time soon enough!  I always put up my fall decorations on the first of September, so I will be hanging this wreath up very soon :)
Here's what you will need to make a yarn wreath:
Styrofoam circle
glue gun
whatever yarn color(s) you want
whatever felt color(s) you want
decorations (if you wish)
something to hang the wreath (ribbon or raffia)
glass of wine- A NECESSITY! :)

For this wreath, I chose to use three colors of yarn, my other ones have been only one color.  I like to use the Vanna White yarn, I know, weird right?  It's just so soft!  I never knew Vanna was a crafter.
I only got one roll of each color, if you are doing a solid color, grab two rolls, you will probably end of having some extra, but you will most likely use a whole one.  Start by hot gluing the end of the yard to the wreath.
If you are not familiar to using a glue gun, you may want to add "band aids" to your list since this glue gets way hot. I've been using a glue gun since I was 7, so I'm a pro.  After gluing the end on, start wrapping around the wreath.  Keep wrapping until you've covered the area you want.  Be sure you can't see any of the white through the yarn and be sure to keep it as straight as possible.  Don't cut the yarn until you are done with that section (if you are doing "stripes").  When you are done with that color, cut the yarn and glue it to the back of the wreath, then grab your new color, glue it down and start again.  Continue until the whole wreath is covered with yarn.
Pretty, huh??  I probably shouldn't of photographed it in the lime green table because it makes the colors look a bit weird, but you get the picture.  Ok, now to decorate.  There are different types of felt flowers you can make, but for this wreath, I chose to make a felt "rose", like I tend to call it.  Cut your felt into a wavy circle, larger if you want a big flower, smaller, if you want a smaller one.
Using basically a whole sheet of felt will make roughly a 2 in. flower, half a sheet will make a 1 in. flower.  So cut your felt depending on how many flowers you want and their desired size.  I made two larger ones and two smaller ones.  To make the flower, start on the outside and begin cutting around the edge, leaving about an inch or so strip, spiraling towards the center.  Keep cutting and when you get to the center, leave a half dollar sized circle, as this will be the base of the flower.  When you are done, you will be one long piece of twisty felt.
To make the flower, start at the other end than the circle and begin rolling the felt like a you would roll a roulade. I roll a few times, then put a dab of glue and then keep rolling.  This way, the flower wont unroll when its glued on the wreath.
Keep rolling and don't forget to glue occasionally until you have a pretty felt flower!
Make all the flowers you wish then hot glue them on your wreath.  I used some fall leaves and berries under the flowers.  Be sure to decide where you want to put them BEFORE you glue them!  I used green raffia to hang it.
Voila!!  All done!! I'm think it turned out great and am excited to hang it on my door soon! :)  Now, it's time to tend to the peas and get ready for church.  After, we will be relaxing by the pool... yay! If you decide to make your own wreath, let me know how it turns out!  Happy crafting!


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Oooo I love it!!! I just might have to make one :)

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