Saturday, September 15, 2012

iPad sweater and other doo-dads :)

I think before I started this blog, I thought my life was so interesting.  I had so many topics I was going to write about!  Well, I am finding it hard to think of things to blog!  I think it may be because I don't want to pick things people will think are "boring".  Ha!  Well, I finally made a few new crafts I would like to share.
The other day Jacob had his first soccer practice and I foolishly thought I may be able to read my magazine on the ipad (what was I thinking??) so I thought that I needed a safer way to transport it around.  I do have a smart cover on it, but no real case.  A month or so back, they had some ADORABLE ipad cases on and, although only $25, I passed on it because I knew I didn't "need" it.  Well, sometimes I make a pass on a purchase and regret it.  This is one of those times because I keep thinking about them, daily.  Hopefully they'll have an archive sale and I can snag on, but I digress...So I thought I needed a snug cover to keep my 4th baby safe, and what's more snug than a scarf?? And who has more old scarfs than me??  So I pulled my scarf basket down and got to work.  It's good to mention that this project cost me about 15 minutes and a big, fat $0 to make :)
I laid my scarf down and unfolded it was the perfect width to fit the ipad, what are the odds??  This was an old Gap scarf from my high school days and since it truly never gets "cold" here, I have not used this or any of my other thick scarves in a decade. 
Cute dots, eh??  Ok, so I laid the ipad down and folded down enough that I know I'd want for the top and then I folded up the bottom enough to cover the whole thing, which told me how much of the scarf to cut. It'll be about 14 1/2 inches total.  Be sure to use the end of the scarf as the outside flap since it already has a nice seam.  Mine even had a cute edge so even better :)
So now I had the length I needed.  Then I hot glued both sides really close to the edge and did a simple stitch around the edges so that it would be secure.  After that dried, I hot glued a velcro circle on both the top and inside of the top flap.

Voila!!!  Adorable, right??  And since its a thick scarf it'll give my trusty friend even more cushion.  Now my ipad will be safe and warm all winter in her beautiful polka-dot sweater.

The other quick craft I made was a smaller fall wreath.  This wreath cost about $2.50 and used stuff I had laying around the house and a rattan wreath from the dollar section at Target.

Here's what I did:
Wrap green raffia around the wreath, leaving plenty of space in between to see the wood.  Hot glue fall leaves, pumpkin and gourd from fall foliage I bought to make the fall yarn wreath.  Tie raffia around top to hang on wreath hanger.  Done.  Simple and pretty.  Happy crafting!!


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