Monday, September 17, 2012

A new wreath

Yes, I am in love with yarn wreaths!  They are so pretty and versitile.  I want to make one for every season and holiday :) There are many different styles of felt flowers you can use on wreaths.  I am an expert on the rolled felt flower that I showed you how to make the last time.  This time I wanted to make a new style.  I made two different types: the felt "mum" and the folded felt flower. I also wanted to use a thicker yarn for a different look.

I started with a bright yellow thick yarn and wrapped it twice, to make it thicker.

 Then I started on the flowers.  To make the felt "mum", start by cutting your felt in a 2 in. long strip and hot glue it in half.
Then, use your scissors to cut through the folded part almost to the bottom, but careful not to cut through!
Once done, start to roll it, gluing along the way.  Once you are done rolling it, you will have a nice little felt mum! The flower on the left, I used close cuts and the one on the right, I used slightly more spread apart cuts.  This gives a slightly different look. Easy peasy!!

The second flower was also easy but took a speck longer.  This is a folded felt flower.  Begin by cutting 6 sqaures from your felt, smaller for smaller flowers, larger for larger flowers.  Cut a scalloped flower shape from all 6. I made them all look slightly different so they would look more natural.
Once cut, save one for the bottom and then you will begin folding the other 5.  Start by folding your flower in half with a dab of hot glue in the center.  Let cool slightly.
Then fold that in half again!  Dont forget the glue!
Afterward you fold all five, glue down four on the extra felt you didnt use in a circular pattern then glue the fifth one on top in the center.
Once glued, you will have a pretty felt folded flower!  Now, decidce how you want them to be glued on your wreath and then hot glue them on.  I also added some green felt leaves under them on either end.
Gorgeous!!  Yes, they are "springy" colors, but they go beautifully together.  I hung this one in the hallway on the hall closet door for some happy colors when I walk by.  These flowers could be easily made into headbands.  I think I am going to make a few for my girls for the kids upcoming pictures.
Now I want to make another wreath.  I think I'll begin some Christmas and winter ones...



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